The Fertility Revolution

At Seed, we believe that testing and understanding your fertility can only lead to one outcome: empowering your life choices.

That is why we are fighting social infertility by building a platform who wants to make fertility planning a part of every woman’s course of care through education, community, and access to fertility assessment tests and fertility planning options.

Social infertility: The incapacity to conceive linked to age factors. A condition that can be prevented through early fertility awareness and planning - Seed, 2017

Start your awareness journey with our test to find out more about your fertility!

How many eggs is a woman born with?
How many eggs does a woman have left by the time she reach puberty?
What color should your cervical mucus be when ovulating?
What are the two most important variables when it comes to fertility?
When does ovary quality start to decline?
What are the monthly chances of naturally conceiving at 35?
What lifestyle factors can affect your fertility?
What are some ways to know more about your fertility?
What does the term social freezing mean?
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